Miniature Equine Therapy Work

A few years ago I decided to find a way to help my community using my love of horses.  My
mom and I went through animal therapy training with the Delta Society and trained one of
our miniature horses, Wonder, as a therapy horse.  We take Wonder to visit hospice care
patients with Hospice Care of the West.  

Most of these patients only have about sixth months to live.  Wonder brings so much joy to
the patients and I love seeing them smile when they see her.  A lot of the elderly patients
owned horses when they were young and never expect to see a horse again, especially a
miniature one, in their hospital room.  Through Wonder we have been able to get patients
out of their rooms who have not wanted to come out for months and patients who have not
spoken for a long time will talk to her.  Wonder has a way of connecting with the patients
like no person can.  The amazing thing about Wonder is that she knows when to be feisty and
when to be mellow.  She is a national driving champion in the show ring but as sweet and
harmless as a teddy bear with the elderly patients.  She will get right up to their beds and lay
her head next to the bed-ridden patients.  I have also had 4-H groups come to our ranch and
gone to pet fairs with our minis to help educate people about these amazing miniature horses.
The horses that I have raised have gone in many different directions.  My foals have become
show horses, therapy animals and even television stars.  In 2006 one of my foals, Vandy's
Skyz the Limit, was sold to Rob Dyrdek and moved to Hollywood.  Sky is now known as Mini
Horse and appears on MTV's reality show Rob and Big.  Whether it is raising my foals,
making therapy visits or teaching the public about these remarkable miniature horses, I
truly care about my animals and the community.

--Kelsey Webber

When choosing a therapy horse it is important to find a horse with a good disposition.  You
can train a horse but they are born with their personality.  You want a horse that isn't
spooky or jumping and one that truly loves people.
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